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DF1112 Commission by Reithya

WOW! I'm seeing a whole lot of improvement in our gallery! This is a wonderful drawing and you always amae me with the amount of scales you put into your work! I always like black dragons and this one is no exception. The brushstrokes you used on the grass really works for grass. However I do believe the color of the sky is a bit loud for the image. Maybe if it was a darker blue it would seem more natural. The shading on the ground itself is nicely done and adds depth to the image. I think the reflecting lights on the wings could be refines a bit more because they look just likes dots to me. Adding veins and texture to the wings could also make it look more realistic. The claws and spikes on the back look really good but I'd refine the horns on it's head a little more. The center horn on its forehead looks a lightly thick for its placement and I'd make it a little thiner and make it look more like it's attached to the skull rather than just being placed on it. Over on the opposite wing there is a spot of blue above the dragon's back. By looking at the front wing it seems that that area would be part of the wing.

As a whole there are just some minimal changes I would make your drawing but the overall picture is a very strong visual. The detail is wonderful and I always enjoy seeing what new dragons you draw next! Keep up the good work!!
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